CCbox 22 – Quilling

Our Crafty Creatives subscription box 22 features quilling, which is an amazing papercraft. I admit when we considered this craft for one of our monthly boxes I was struck with a little trepidation; I had tried quilling many years ago, when I was little, and hadn’t taken to it at all! Which is odd, because normally fiddly detailed crafts are my thing. However, when I got our kit I discovered it was nothing like I remembered, and a fascinating craft! So it definitely earned its place in a CC box :)

The thing that constantly amazes me about quilling is the variety of things you can do with it. At face value, it looks like one would make little shapes and stick them on to a card or object. Which is one aspect of quilling, and one which yields lovely results:

But that’s not all there is to quilling! A google or pinterest search will reveal all sorts of amazing styles and creations. The variety in paper colours means amazing blending effects can be achieved:

Or what about attempting a 3D shape:

You can do amazing things with text:

And your images don’t have to be floral!

And finally, if you’re not into cardmaking, what about using quilling to make jewellery? (This is definitely my next project :) )

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Crafty Creatives update!

Dear all crafty friends,

It sure has been a busy 2014 so far for Crafty Creatives and I’d love to share some exciting news with you.  As you know, CC is primarily made up of Scottish sisters Claire (that’s me) and Isobel.  I’m based in the UK, and Isobel is over the pond in Nova Scotia (more on that later!).

Let me share some slightly more personal news…

So Crafty I Make People

Yep that’s right, there’s a little Crafty Creatives baby on the way!  I’m actually overdue at the moment, and will let you all know when the little one is born!  It’s very exciting, and having this arrival on the horizon for the past nine months has perhaps influenced some of the changes you will have noticed in your boxes.  Being the UK-based partner, prepping and packing hundreds of boxes whilst pregnant was never going to be easy, so we have now outsourced our box packing process.  It was important for us to keep it local, and it means that whilst I get to grips with looking after a brand new baby human your boxes will be unaffected.  We want to keep things running as smoothly as possible for you, and believe this is the best way forward.  It really helps us focus on future expansion too as our little office can only cope with so much!

Our new format kit boxes are loved by a large number of you, and for that we are so pleased.  We completely understand that they don’t suit everyone, but with our other, one-off themed boxes full of crafty bits and pieces, we hope we can cater to all creative and crafty tastes.  The goodies for the #VintageSpringSugar box are fantastic – we can’t wait for when it dispatches later this month! The new format kit boxes teach skill and technique – whether building on those lost and forgotten or introducing something completely new, and you end up with a really fantastic end product – something to really be proud of.  We are simply loving all the photos you are sharing on Facebook of your crafty creations!

So, on to our world domina- sorry, business expansion.  As I mentioned above, Isobel is based in Nova Scotia and is prepping the launch of Crafty Creatives in North America.  After much deliberation, we have decided to ship our boxes from the UK over to Canada and America.  This means that you’ll all be crafting the same things – which is very exciting!  We have also opened up our subscriptions across the EU in the same manner – our boxes will ship from here to Europe. Our wonderful CC helper Nicole is helping us to provide customer service in German and French. Yay! Our dedicated European website is here: - same box price, plus £5.95 P&P.

So that’s all for now – we hope you love #CCbox22, due for dispatch tomorrow (Wednesday)!

Claire x

Silk squares

Hopefully you’ve had fun learning about silk painting and trying it out on the silk squares you received in your Crafty Creatives box 20 kit. But some of you might be wondering what to do with your silk squares now… they look too beautiful to put in a drawer!

So here are some ideas….
This website has some great ideas on how to wear your silk scarf:

How to wear a silk scarf

Or why not display it in an embroidery frame, to hang on your wall?
silk painting embroidery frame

You could add another piece of fabric and turn it into a cushion cover:
cushion cover

Or, if you can find a frame of some kind, you could tie it round and display it on a table or mantlepiece!
scarf display

Don’t forget, if you’re now hooked on silk painting you can find all the supplies you need at

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CCbox19 – Marbling!

The first of our new kit boxes brings the wonderful world of marbling to your craft table.  Perhaps you last tried this at primary school or girl guides, or perhaps you’ve never had a go – regardless, it’s a very addictive craft that leaves you digging through your craft stash thinking “what can I marble now?!?!”.

Our kit is brought to you by Marble Art Originals, please check out their website at – they sell marbling supplies, including kits which make amazing gifts for crafty friends, and have loads of tutorial videos and ideas.

Throughout the month we’ll bring you some marbling tips and ideas.  Your box contains eight paints, pre-mixed floater liquid, five card blanks, two pieces of fabric, and a blank heart pendant.

CCbox19 - Marbling kit

We suggest that you experiment a little first with some of your own paper blanks before using up the box supplies – it can sometimes take a little practice, but be assured that you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

CCbox19 - Marbling kit - marble buttons

One of the most fantastic things about this kit, is that the materials provided allow you not only to marble paper and fabric – try experimenting with other things.  The more absorbent the material the better the results will be – wood is great (so long as it’s not varnished or coated in anything).  The picture above shows some little wooden buttons that we marbled using green and yellow paints – the results are so pretty!

CCBox19 - marbling kit - marbled beads

And not just buttons – beads too.  Once you have swirled your paint on to the surface of the floater liquid, have a look for any particularly pretty areas of the design, and dip your item in.  Use tweezers, or just your fingers.  It might seem like quite a random design process, but once you get the hang of it you can be very specific with your swirls.

CCBox19 - marbling kit - marbled paper valentines card

If you’ve marbled a sheet of paper or card but not sure what to now do with it, why not cut out some shapes and use for your card making.  This simple design (see pic above) is extremely cute and super easy.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

We hope that you have fun with your marbling kit – keep experimenting, and don’t forget to reuse your floater liquid.  Remove all the paint from the surface (kitchen towel is good for getting any last remaining bits) and pour the liquid back into the bottle.  Keep the bottle in the fridge to extend it’s life!

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Happy 2014!

Dear members, followers and others!

We wanted to write a little letter of reflection, to thank you all for your custom and support over the past 12 months.  It’s been a crazy year, full of growth, change and development.  Here is a summary of our past year’s activity!

January: We kicked off the year with the Woodland box, #ccbox7, and it was one of our most popular ever boxes!  So many of you loved the introduction to needle-felting, plus all of the owly, leafy and mushroomy goodies.

February: Another popular box, Spots ‘n’ Stripes – a great polymer clay pendant kit teamed with loads of bright and fun craft supplies, smiles were unavoidable!

March: We took a risk this month with a Steampunk theme – it was very stylised and specific, but we were thrilled with its reception.

April: Using a single colour as a theme was a challenge for us – we could include almost anything!  This was a packed box, and introduced springtime with a bluebird mobile kit.

May: Magically timed with the cinema release of The Great Gatsby, this box was Glamour! A feel for the luxury and decedent, many of you loved this theme. May was a hectic month as Isobel (one half of CC) emigrated to Canada!  It was a massive move and change, but hugely exciting for Isobel and indeed CC, as the possibility of launching the business in North America grew ever closer.

June: One of our most fun boxes – The Treat Box!  Kitsch and colourful, this super kawaii box was a hit with our members, you LOVED the Paris Macaroon fabric!  During June we got the keys to CCHQ – our wonderful little office!  This was a huge relief to Claire (one half of CC) and her husband, who were now able to prevent their flat being filled with crafty stuff and boxes each month!  It’s fantastic to have a dedicated space for the growing business.

July: A very important box for us – our first anniversary box!  We couldn’t believe that a whole year flew by so fast, so we repeated the Floral theme of CCbox1 but provided five whole mini kits to make five different flowers.  Not everyone enjoyed the multiple kits, but we loved seeing all the photographs of your creations!

August: Our Western box was so much fun to put together – there was so much history and tradition behind the things we included.  By August, operations were struggling with the lack of Isobel helping with prepping and packing, so Claire hired help in the CC office in the shape of Becca and Nicole, who dedicate their time and love of craftiness to CCHQ when we need them.

September: Perhaps our most elegant and beautiful box – Monochrome.  Black and white can be bland and boring, but not with Crafty Creatives!

October: The Halloween season brought out our dark sides again, and we created a vintage Circus theme with blacks, purples, stripes and harlequin patterns.

November: One of our favourite boxes of the year – the Medieval theme was full of rich colour and pattern.  The beaded bracelet kit was a favourite with our members!  We also dispatched our first ever dedicated Christmas box this month, which resulted in us being SUPER BUSY but it went down a storm, bringing festive crafty joy to hundreds of you!

December: As we announced the changes to our boxes for 2014 from themed crafty supplies to a more kit-focused box, it seemed really fitting for the Handmade theme.  Lots of trinkets and fabrics to treat yourself to some fun craft time.

Whilst it is hugely sad to say goodbye to the monthly themed boxes, we will keep them alive in the form of occasional one-off boxes throughout the year.  They will be sold in the same way as the 2013 Christmas box, via early pre-orders sold during a limited time, and then a second batch of a limited quantity sold online.  The theme will be revealed, but the contents will be a surprise!  Price to be announced.

Our new boxes are very exciting indeed – we can bring you better materials, better tools and better instructions to help you get the very best out of your box.  Whilst many loved the original format, many of you were having difficulty using everything, and felt much was being wasted.  We also must stress that these changes are not all about money – logistics and time play a huge factor, sourcing and prepping all the materials for these boxes takes a long long time.  Crafty Creatives would simply not be viable to continue as is!  We believe that our new boxes will leave you with impressive results to be proud of.  Oh, and we must not forget that our new boxes allow us to showcase other fantastic British businesses.  Rather than purely order bulk goods from overseas, it’s amazing to be able to share the crafty produce and skills that other entrepreneurs from within the UK have to offer.  We hope that you will help us support them and let them flourish!

THANK YOU for all of your support during 2013.  We thrive on your positive comments and hope that whether you continue to subscribe to our new boxes or only buy our one-off themed boxes you will find happiness in your creative crafting!

Claire and Isobel xx

How to image transfer using PVA Glue: box16: circus!

Inside your Crafty Creatives box16, the circus box, we provided you with everything you need to learn how to transfer a photocopied image on to a coaster using PVA glue. It’s a great technique that you can use on lots of other applications.


Check out the video tutorial here:

Step 1: coat a coaster with a smooth layer of PVA glue. We have provided you with great PVA glue from Stix2.


Step 2: lay your chosen image face down on to the coaster, sticking it in place.


Step 3:
Rub and smooth out any lumps, then leave to dry for about 40 minutes. Trim off excess paper.


Step 4:
The fun part! Take a small bowl of water and dip your finger tips in it. With wet fingers, very gently and smoothly start to rub the paper. You will see the paper start to rub off, and the image below revealed. This is a slow and delicate process – don’t rush it or use too much water – you’ll ruin the paper coaster and rub off the image if you work it too much.


Step 5: continue until all paper is rubbed off. Don’t worry if some bits look messy – this methods lends itself well to a distressed look.
As it drys, you might see some areas start to look pale, which means there is still paper left – just gently rub this carefully a little more.


Step 6:
Decorate! If you want, take some tickets and distress them. Use a cotton bud, water and black ink or paint to make them look aged and tattered.


Step 7: when you’re happy, stick them onto the coaster.


Step 8: if you like, add some colour using any paints or ink. Use a cotton bud or your fingers rather than a brush to avoid being too neat! Plus, it’s fun getting messy.


Step 9: this step can only be done once step8 has completely dried – slightly wet and your coaster will be ruined! Coat your coaster with more PVA glue to seal it.


Step 10: once dry and clear, your coaster is finished! Well done!


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Tea Bag folding

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have heard the phrase ‘tea bag folding’ before, but whenever you hear it you wonder… teabags? What can you possibly make with teabags? And how would you fold them? Well I finally decided to investigate what this was all about, and I found a simple craft with beautiful results! It’s a little like origami, but not as complicated.

Apparently tea bag folding was created in Holland by a woman called Tiny van der Plaas. She was trying to think of a unique way to make a birthday card, and while she was thinking she folded up a colourful teabag envelope. Teabag folding was created! So it’s not really teabag folding… more like tea bag bag folding. But that sounds a little odd :)

All you need are several squares of paper with a pattern on – as you’ll find in your CC box 15! And with a bit of folding, you can create lovely things like these:

Here’s a simple star pattern to get you started.
You will need 8 squares for this pattern.

1. Take one of your squares to start with.
2. Fold it in half horizontally, keeping the patterned side inside. Unfold it again.
3. Repeat this the other way, again keeping the pattern inside, so that you have 2 fold lines.

4. Now fold the square from corner to corner, this time keeping the pattern on the outside. Unfold it again.
5. Repeat again, this time from the 2 other corners, and unfold. You now have 4 fold lines; across the middle and from corner to corner.
6. Push the folds together to make a star shape.

7. Put the star on it’s side and flatten it down, but keep one point pointing upwards. You should have 2 flat points on one side (under my finger in the photo) and one point on the other, with one pointing up.
8. Carefully flatten out the upright point, using your finger or a pencil, to give a diamond shape. 

9. Flatten this shape down so it’s as flat as possible.
10. make another shape following the above instructions, then slide it into the side of the first one you made.
11. You should be able to push it together so that the edges of the diamonds meet. At this stage it’s good to put a little bit of glue on one of the pieces so that they stick together.
12. Keep repeating this process until you have your star! 

If you’d like to try some other patterns, this website shows you how to fold lots of different designs:

The art of doodling

For most people doodling is what you do when you’re on the phone, or in a waiting room, or perhaps sitting through a dull meeting or lecture. But recently there has been quite a movement to make doodling more artistic. This goes by many names, including Zentangle, zen-doodle, tangling, and so on. The results can be amazing:(by Debbie Starrett)

The basic idea is a more structured form of doodling. First you take a blank sheet of paper, and draw a shape. This can be a square with lines inside it, or a looping pattern, or a line drawing of an object like a flower.

Each section of the shape now gets filled with a repeating pattern, which range from the simple to the complex. You can make up your own patterns, or use some of the many patterns you can find online. Here are some pattern websites:

And this one is my favourite I think; lots of great patterns and easy instructions to follow:

What’s amazing is how easy it is to draw seemingly complex patterns when you break them down into simple steps. Adding some pencil shading makes them start to become three-dimensional!

If you’d rather design your own patterns, this website has some good tips and inspiration:

And here is my first attempt at zendoodling! I must say I found it quite addictive once I got started, so be warned ;o) Because the process is quite structured, it is supposed to be a tranquil, calming and relaxing thing to do, hence the ‘zen’. Why not give it a try?

Get crafty with denim

Inside your CCbox14 you received two pieces of denim. Not just any denim – recycled denim from Arkansas! We like to think that it was previously worn by cowboys, but of course we can’t be sure ;)

Denim is a familiar fabric to many of us – who can’t get by with a pair of trusty jeans – but are there any fun things we can do to craft with it? There sure are. We found some excellent examples on Pinterest, and wanted to share them with you. So might require a little denim that you have been provided with, but we hope this will inspire you to recycle your old jeans instead of throwing them away!

How cute are these? Source link: here

These are so cute too, but require a little bleach work. Bleach is fun to use on any fabrics, but please please be careful with it.

Source link: here

This would be super easy, and would make a gorgeous brooch for a coat or bag.
Source link: here

Another cute flower, love the use of coloured stitching.
Source link: here

These are so much fun! They require a bit of fabric paint medium and decent glue, but totally worth the hassle we think!
Source link: here

Seriously cute patch pockets! Very easy if you have a sewing machine.
Source link: here

We hope these have given you some inspiration, check out our Pinterest pages for more!

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One year down…

Dear all,

You might have noticed that we’ve been celebrating a little milestone recently… we turned ONE on July 16th 2013!  It’s truly wonderful that we’re still around and sending more and more crafty boxes, every month, to wonderfully creative people.  We’re constantly gushing about how fab our subscribers are (we think we have the best!) – without you guys we wouldn’t be here, so THANK YOU!

It seemed fitting to celebrate an anniversary, so we sent little anniversary gifts to all the members who had stuck with us throughout our first year.  They got a printed tote bag and a little notepad which they can show off to their friends and family – great to make any crafty scribbles in (thanks to for the below pics!).

We hope to celebrate many more anniversaries in the years to come, so there might be more special gifts for those who have stayed with us for our entire second year!  

Box13, the birthday box, was slightly different, and turns out was a bit like marmite!  Some of you absolutely loved it, whilst for some, it totally wasn’t your thing.  We provided you with five kits instead of just one, and each kit was a totally different craft, allowing you to experiment and learn new skills whilst making an array of beautiful flowers.  However, you also got some extra lovely bits in there too!  We hugely appreciate your feedback, and future boxes definitely won’t be full of kits, some of you will be happy to hear.

An awful lot has happened over the past 12 months, and there a few things that we’d like to share with you.  There were two major changes, both of which happened at about the same time and left us a little frantic!  The first was moving from a “home office” to an official Crafty Creatives base in Glasgow, which happened in June 2013.  When we started the business, we had to run it from a residential base, which was great, but also difficult when it came to box packing, receiving parcels, and storing everything.

Claire and Isobel packing boxes (in the old “home office”!)

But not anymore!  Affectionately called CCHQ, it’s amazing to have a dedicated space to grow the business.

Our shiny new door sign at CCHQ!

The other major change was Isobel – who emigrated to Canada!  As you know, the business is run by both of us – sisters and partners – but Isobel’s emigration had been in the works for many years, so we knew it was coming.  She hopped on a plane in May 2013 – too late to see CCHQ unfortunately – but is living a fantastic life over there!  Claire is now left in charge of Glasgow operations, whilst Isobel does everything remotely, which is most of the product sourcing and ordering.

To say it’s a been a crazy summer puts it mildly!  We are so excited about developing Crafty Creatives further, and there is now potential for us to expand into Canada in the future, which is VERY exciting indeed. P.S. If you live in Canada or the US, get your name on our mailing list:

So what will happen over the next 12 months?  Well, we really hope to be able to offer work and placements to people in the Glasgow area who have a passion for crafts.  We’ll have lots of do at CCHQ!  Please do get in touch if you’re interested.  We have loads of secret ideas in the pipeline!  We also hope to develop the Crafty Creatives members-only online shop – we’re been promising this for a while, and it’s ALMOST finished! Little things like moving into an office and emigrating to Canada distracted us a bit.  We also hope to develop an online discussion forum, so that you can properly share and discuss your makes, techniques, thoughts and everything else.  Facebook is good for that up to a point, but if you need help with crochet, for example, we feel that a forum will really help.

Thanks again, and we hope you love CCBox14!  Happy crafting…

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